Monday, March 9, 2015

2015-3-2 Well.


This has been an interesting week.

I'm not really going to be able to put into words how I felt Saturday at Erwin's baptismal service, or all the things that happened. Starting that very night we invited him to get baptized and he accepted, he's been going through challenge after challenge. Satan's been tossing out the curveballs like they were candy. Not all of his family (he lives right now with his aunt and uncle and their family, not all of whom are members) supported his decision, and the part that did wasn't even able to be there at his service. We had postponed the date before, with advance notice, for a few days later so that they could return from a trip, but it turned out they were delayed. I was on the verge of suggesting to him that we postpone a little more so that they could be there, but he told me that actually, when he was getting ready to come, one of his family members started trying to convince him not to go (and this is a member, too). He told me, "But I thought, I've made a commitment to be here, to do this today, and it wasn't even with you guys. It was with God. This is what I want to do." So I didn't say anything. It was a very small service. There weren't many people, and he didn't even have family there to support him. But he was baptized, and I learned something important that day. He was right. In suggesting that we postpone, I would have been acting as another obstacle for him, and he's been through plenty. But he knew what he wanted to do, what God wanted him to do, and he was going to do it. Y salimos del agua regocijándonos.

Élder Rob Weatherford

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