Friday, June 12, 2015

2015-6-8 Quick Change!

Ok, so here's a story. Sunday afternoon, I get a call from our leader, who tells me that I'm leaving for Los Tuxtlas the next day. NO, just kidding, I'm actually staying.
Seriously, Elder? You're sure this time?
Nope, he's still kidding, he still doesn't have that information. So we wait. Later that afternoon, I get another call. Yeah, I'm leaving. For sure. To a different zone that's still in the port. Area that's called Las Palmas, Reforma, close to the temple in Mocambo. I get his promise that this time he's telling the truth. And everything's good, when we get to the house I pack up my stuff and say my goodbyes. Fast forward to this morning. Here I am, at the bus station where we all meet for the companion exchange, thinking I'm just going to have to take a ten, fifteen-minute taxi ride to my new area.
Oh, oops, actually Elder, you're going to Tuxtepec.
Oh, haha Elder, very funny.
No, really, here's your bus ticket. 

So there I am, an hour later, riding alone on a three-hour bus trip to Tuxtepec, Oaxaca. Area called Moctezuma. Really hot, and humid, and very "pueblo." But I like it, and I'm excited to work. We're neighbors with the bishop, and live about a thirty-second walk from the church. 
Well. Today's been a little unexpected, to say the least. My new companion's name is Elder Tirado; he's from Tijuana and has just finished his training. We're going to work hard, and I'm going to see if the "oaxaqueños" are anything like the "jarochos."

Elder Rob Weatherford

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015-6-1 Ugh...:)

Well, things have been heating up here in 5 de Mayo ever since I learned the Spanish equivalent of "Slug Bug." And the fists began to fly. Seriously, there are A LOT of Volkswagon Beetles here. We started on Wednesday, just on the way to lessons and in between contacts, and here's where the score stands:

Elder González: 35

Elder Weatherford: 68... Nope, I literally just saw another one after I wrote that. 69.

But we talked about it, and after P-day finishes we're going to stop taking count. It wasn't detracting from our work or anything, but it's better to not even have a chance of distraction from finding the people the Lord's prepared for us. 


Transfers are coming in a week, so I don't know if I'll still be here next Monday. Honestly, I think it's unlikely... so I guess we'll see! We've seen some results with our work with less active members, but we're fighting hard so that progress doesn't stagnate. 


I love you all, a lot, and hope everything's going well. I could use your prayers in my personal efforts to change, to become a better missionary. I guess I could just use some strength. Strength of will, strength of character, spiritual strength. Physical strength, I'm still holding out, don't worry :)

Thanks, and with love,

Élder Rob Weatherford