Monday, March 23, 2015

2015-03-23 New Faces, No New Places (For Three More Months, At Least)‏

Sorry Mom! I couldn't write last week. Couldn't do much of anything, actually. Including wash my clothes. But it's ok, I use deodorant. Transfers happened, and I was a little busy. But, I got my new companion! Élder Dawson left for my old zone, Orizaba, and Élder González, from Matamoros, Coahuila (northern México) is here to stay! He's fresh from the MTC in México, so I get to show him the ropes. Including the downed power lines from the nortes.  We're doing well together, and it's good practice having a native Spanish speaker for a companion again. He's got a lot of excitement for the work, and we get along well.

Today it rained a lot. Like, street-flooding a lot. The first time I've seen that here in the port! It felt great, but warm rain's always a little weird. Y es más, llegamos a casa bien empapados. 

We had a new investigator that went to church today. Her name's Noemí, and she knows the Bible really well. I love it! She's on a "search for the truth," and we've been trying to help her find it. She has tons of questions, really good questions, and always has a new list every time we pass by. She's had about a week with the Book of Mormon, and she's already in Alma. The first  time we passed by after giving her a copy, she told us, "I didn't have a whole lot of time to read, I'm sorry. I only finished two books." "Oh," I said, "you read the chapter we left you and another one, too? That's great!" "No," she said, " I finished Nephi two, I think it was called." She was already to Jacob. That was a highlight from the week, I think.

In other news, I burned one of my ties this week. Yes, it was on purpose. That's right, I turned six months on Tuesday! On September 17th, 2014, I entered the Provo MTC. It feels like a long time ago, and also not that long ago. Time's weird like that. And the mission. And life, I think. That's one fourth of my mission that's already gone. I did a kind of a mental check on what I hope to accomplish, and how I was doing. My goals aren't really so much in outward achievements, more in personal progression. And I realized, the truth is, I've got a way to go. I was kind of sad, actually, that a quarter of it's already gone. I wondered, "Have I really accomplished a fourth of what I'd hoped?" I'm not sure I have. I'm going to work harder, and see what I can do with my next six months. But also, I'm still learning that this time isn't mine, it's the Lord's. All I can and should be doing is be obedient and work hard, and the Lord will put the means there so that His work is accomplished. And yeah, I'll change for the better along the way. But in that order of priority. Always in that order. Ok, that's all for right now. Take care, I love you all, and don't forget to write. But first, talk to the missionaries. Invite them to share the Gospel with you and your friends. Give them food. Food's always good. And read your scriptures.

Con mucho amor,

Élder Rob Weatherford        

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