Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016-07-19: Carolina's Baptism

This computer is taking a long time to load photos, and we don't have a whole lot of time to write. I'm writing today because we had a zone conference yesterday in Tuxtepec, so we didn't have a P-day... and today they just gave us a little bit of time to write, but it's coming out of our proselyting time... and as we have appointments today, there's not really much of an option here... hehe. Sorry. But just wanted to send a couple of things.

First of all, Carolina got baptized on Sunday!! 

A contact who turned out to be a former investigator whose sister is a member who studies in Hidalgo. Wasn't sure about baptism before, but had been to church before. Because of a few miracles her work situation had temporarily changed, which meant she was actually home that day (which was very uncommon), and she received us well, and accepted the challenge to prepare herself for baptism. From the moment we met her, she's picked everything up so fast... and, we learned that her sister would get back the 16th of July. So, we invited her to get baptized the 17th. This was about three weeks ago. And, that's what happened! She has a young son, Derek, who's three years old. Here's a photo of him helping to clean up after Primary. 

This other one is the only photo Derek wanted to take with us... a little squirmy that day. But that's okay!

Zone conference--
Office buddies--President Córdova's kids

Some friends, and an old companion, Elder Dawson!

Me and Elder Lewis. Airport buddy/companion, almost two years ago!

Me, Jesús, and José (Jesús' cousin).


Hey, we had transfers today, everything stayed the same with me and Elder Becerra but the other elder in the district left, so we had to stay in a trio and wait for the other elder, so don't have much time to write! I'm safe, it's raining more so it's not as hot (using umbrella, usually), and we had a good week last week! Just have to keep it up... Keep praying for me and my comp, we need it, appreciate all your love and support! I heard the concert, not perfectly because of the headphones here, but the piano part sounded really good! Nice one, Dad! Love you all! 

Élder Rob Weatherford

P.S. District photo--Elder Becerra, me, Elder Neal from Oklahoma (just got transferred today), Elder Field from Guadalajara 

And, a couple more random photos:  
Mini banana. (plátano dominico)

Two roads diverged...