Monday, August 3, 2015

2015-8-3 Weatherford and Lind, Week 2

Ok, so, first of all, Enrique got baptized! Passed his interview on Tuesday, baptized on Thursday. When we ask people who they want to baptize them, we always put emphasis on the members, especially the ones that were involved in the teaching and fellowshipping. But, when we asked him who he wanted to do it, he looked at me, and said, "You're the one that started all this, it makes sense for you to finish it." I had a flashback to six weeks previous when Elder Tirado and I knocked on his door. He lives at the end of a little pathway where they are about six houses. We knocked on every other house and either no one was home or they didn't want to talk to us, but the last house we knocked on, Enrique's, he accepted the invitation to talk. And now, after all that time, he finally was ready for that decision. That was a lot of worry that I'd had that's been lifted.

Now, we're working with Fernando and his son Alejandro to get baptized this month. He's a friend of a less active member that she brought to an activity we invited her to, and he's progressing great! Interesting story, he's actually a member of the church the bishop attended in his youth... The plot thickens! The story's actually pretty intricate, but I won't get into that right now. The point is, he and his son are progressing well. The other family we're teaching, la familia Serena Alejandro, didn't come to church... We had a lesson during the week in the church to show them around and help them feel the Spirit there, but they still didn't come. We're going to have to help them, if they can progress, to attend. But, if not, maybe other missionaries down the road will be able to help them. I think so. But the truth is, I want it to be us :)

Elder Cristofferson's going to come visit on the 22nd of this month! Our mission president's been sending us his talks to study to prepare ourselves.

Ok, that's all for now, folks!


Con amor,

Élder Rob Weatherford

P.S. Those of you that want to add your prayers to our cause, please pray that the Serena Alejandro family can come to church, and like it, and that we can iron out the details in Néstor and Georgina's marriage soon. Much appreciated! 

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