Monday, August 3, 2015

2015-7-27 Weatherford and Lind, Week1

First up, a note from me, Kathy: 
Me: Sometimes, just doesn’t work for me.  “Echarle all the ganas”…throw all the wishes?
Rob:  Haha echarle all the ganas. It was joke, kind of. "Échale ganas" is like "work hard" or "give it your best," and so I'm going to "echar" ALL the ganas. It really doesn't translate literally, and even less when I made weird jokes in Spanglish. Sorry :)

In case you were wondering...

Now, on to this week's letter...

¿Quiúbole? Haven't heard that one in a while, actually...

Starting Week Two of Gringolandia, Tuxtepec style. Seriously, it's a very different experience with an American companion. We made nachos this week. Who'd have thought, a traditional Mexican food that I hadn't had a single time in ten months in Mexico?

But, jokes and nachos aside, this was a good week. We saw a few miracles from the Lord, I think designed to keep our faith and efforts up, including a surprise decision by Enrique. We had divisions with the Elder that would do his baptismal interview to see if he would be ready, but the interview didn't even happen. He's ready, and has a testimony, but still wanted to wait for an undefined future point to get baptized. This happened last week, and so we just decided we'd keep teaching and helping him to have spiritual experiences with the Book of Mormon. He'd shied away from the baptismal record form (sorry, not sure what it's called in English) in the past, and so it was a huge surprise when on Saturday after the lesson he said, "So, are we going to fill out the form or not?" It sure took me by surprise. And then, yesterday, we passed by with the bishop to help address his needs and concerns. And we set a baptismal date for this Thursday! If all goes well with the interview tomorrow, he should get baptized this week! 

And even though we found out we need to update Georgina's birth certificate, hopefully that should be the last obstacle to her getting married! I hope... and pray...

Ok, sorry, that's all the time for today. Keep praying, or start it you don't, and read the scriptures!

Élder Rob Weatherford

P.S. They told us today that Élder Cristofferson's going to visit the mission in August... We'll see how that goes!

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