Monday, August 31, 2015

2015-8-24 Re: Hello!

I'm sorry Mom, today's letter's going to be disappointing. We took a trip out a little far today for P-day, and we're in a ciber with horrible internet and literally no time... Sorry! I'm doing fine, I got some great photos, and I'll write more next week about how I got to listen to Elder Cristofferson talk to the whole mission and play the piano for him...

Haha leaving you with that cliffhanger... No, it wasn't that important, President Cordova just asked me to accompany the hymns we sang, and a special musical number that two other missionaries sang. But it was fun, and I played for more time (prelude and postlude) that day than I have in a year! I'm safe, and well, and working. I get along great with my comp, there's still tons of Nutella left over, and I'm really glad to hear about John and Caleb. If you've heard anything about Scott Ockerman, as well, let me know! I haven't heard anything for about a year... hehe.

Love you lots!

Élder Rob Weatherford

P.S. I'll send some Christmas package ideas in the next email :)

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