Monday, August 31, 2015

2015-8-17 Güerofor y Lindo, Semana 4

Important happenings... Baptism, zone conference, preparation for a "mission conference" with an apostle this Saturday (Élder Cristofferson's coming!), and mole (traditional Mexican dish, not the lovable furry lawn pest). 

Fernando and Alejandro got baptized yesterday! I stuck in a photo of them with the part of the ward that stayed for their baptism... a significant part of the ward, actually. The bishop's the one kneeling in white; he baptized Fernando, who's standing right behind him, and Alejandro's standing to his left (stage left--the one without the tie). We took the picture, so we weren't in it...

The last one is a picture of me with a Nutella jar that my wonderful family sent me. I appreciate it. I really do. It's SO EXPENSIVE here, it's just not worth it.

Con amor,

Élder Rob Weatherford

Rob and the Birthday Packages...

Oh.  Yeah.  and Elder Lind.  :)

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