Monday, August 10, 2015

2015-08-10 Leatherford and Wind, Week 3

Transfer's already half over! Wow... So, Fernando and Alejandro are all set to be baptized this Sunday, as long as they pass their interview, and the Serena Alejandro family finally went to church! I think they liked it... they had to leave a little early, so we couldn't really chat, but we'll see them tomorrow. It was a little funny--the bishop has been stressing to the members the importance of greeting visitors, and a literal horde descended when sacrament meeting ended to welcome them. And the family's a little shy. But I'm sure they felt the love, even if they did look a little scared at first... hehe. Fun stuff... today we attacked the dirty area under our sink. Years of missionaries (by the looks of it) had been leaving Liahonas, books, dishes, random bags, etc. under there are not taking them out. It looked super bad. When Elder Lind started pulling stuff out, we discovered a ton of cockroaches that had been hiding there. Good thing for us that's nothing new for missionaries in Mexico; otherwise, it might have fazed us. We took care of the ones that first scurried out, and then we got an idea, based on the new spray deodorant Elder Lind had bought a week before, and the matches we just happened to have... I don't think I can upload the video, but I can say that we possibly might have stunned/killed about ten cockroaches and a lot of ants with spurts of fire this morning. Compañerismo divino. (note* says this means Divine Companionship, or Divine Teamwork ;) ) Sorry, today was a little busy, and I don't have a whole lot of time left. But all is well, and I'm feeling hopeful about this week. My comp bought a hammock today. With much love, Élder Rob Weatherford

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