Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014-12-1 Thanksgiving! Wait, Thanksgiving?

Yeah, definitely forgot that this Thursday was Thanksgiving. I remembered last week, but not writing it down was a mistake. It's not like there's anyone in the country to remind me, so it completely skipped my mind. It was a good day, I guess.

We just had a really great stake conference this weekend! Our mission president was there, and a seventy--Elder Jorge Sandival. I took a lot of notes and learned a lot, especially in the priesthood sesión on Saturday. Strong testimony combined with a thorough knowledge of the scriptures, not to mention apostolic authority--it's a really special experience. On the way to the first sesión, however, I'm pretty sure I got peed on by a dog. Again, from the roof. It was probably the same one. It wasn't in torrents or anything, but I got sprinkled on. I thought, "Oh, it's beginning to rain," but nope. Not a cloud in sight. That's when I smelled it. Yep, I'm pretty sure it was dog urine. Ah well.

And, speaking of things falling on me, I got hit on the leg with something on the bus. I looked, and a large screw had fallen from the ceiling. I looked at my comp, and we both laughed. Those buses are literally falling apart.

If you haven't seen the He Is the Gift video, I recommend it. It's really short, but it helps remind us what Christmas is all about. Check out, and learn more about the Gift. No, not das Gift, Dad. That's what the street vendors sell (pause for laughter from those that speak German. And that appreciate my humor). (Note from Rob's mom:  For those of you who *aren't* German speakers, "das Gift" means "poison" in German.  ;) )

Everything's going well, I love you all, and can't wait until Christmas. Won't forget that one!

Elder Rob Weatherford

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