Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014-12-15 Sueño con una Navidad blanca (I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas)

But, no, it's not going to snow. I'm pretty sure I can say that for sure.
Let's see, what happened this week...

Well, for one thing, we had investigators in church! With one family especially, super special, the father came for the first time. I was super excited to see them! They said they would, but they've had trouble in the past, and we can't pass by for everybody, unfortunately. We're still working to find new people, which right now has been pretty hard. But, I have hope for this upcoming week.

On Saturday, we were able to attend and participate in a Christmas concert in Orizaba. There was a missionary choir that sang a little bit with a string quintet put together from the stake. There was also a member who just so happens to be a professional pianist, who also played. It was a fun time--there were both spiritual and "fun" songs, and we got to share "The Gift" video with everyone there.

I tried candied coconut for the first time this week. Really good!

No joke--I narrowly missed my third encounter with dog urine from the roof this week. I mean, come on!

I met a clown this week with my companion! We were having lunch with a member family, and they had a friend over, who just so happens to work as a clown. And I think he just came from work, because he was in full makeup with the red nose and everything! Oh, and it gets better... he gave me his business card when we met, and so I stuck it in my shirt pocket. Big mistake. You see, that is also where I keep my "Él es la Dádiva" (He Is the Gift) cards. Which just so happen to be exactly the same size. So, when we make a street contact later that day, when I pull out a card to give to this lady, I almost (I'm so glad I looked!) give her Moñito's ("Little bow tie") business card with his picture on the front and everything. I glance down, stifle a snort, casually slip it into my coat pocket, and pull out a different one. Luckily, my companion still had her attention, so she didn't notice. But my companion sure noticed when I gave up trying to hold back my laughter a little ways down the street.

Ah, yes... transfers. I'm staying here! I'll remain in Mendoza, but Élder Cortéz is moving on to be zone leader Córdoba, about a half hour away. So yeah, this will be my first transfer without my trainer. I'm now a "full-fledged missionary." The work goes on! And I realized, I just turned three months old! I was set apart three months ago yesterday. It feels like a lot longer, but I hear that the time starts to go faster. All right, now I'm rambling. I'll miss Elder Cortéz, but I wish him well in his new assignment, and I get to meet my new companion tomorrow!

Until next week!

Elder Rob Weatherford

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