Friday, November 27, 2015

2015-10-24 Re: Hello, Beto!

Here's a little Q and A with Rob:

Mom: (Kathy) How’s the office? What do you get to do in the way of teaching?  Do you like your new roomies?  Do you get any more musical opportunities here?  Think you will?

Rob:  The office is good... it's kind of sporadic, periods of hectic activity followed by periods of not much activity... sometimes it's a struggle, honestly, but it's helping me to really "try my testimony," or rather to stay obedient and focused when it would be so easy to lose that focus. So actually, I'm grateful for the opportunity, because I feel like it's helping me to fortify my character. As for teaching, we're in the process of that. Neither I nor my companion really know the area, and there wasn't anybody here (in terms of investigators) when I arrived, so the work's honestly going pretty slow. So we're focusing more on less-active members, with the hope that we can find people to teach through reactivation and retention efforts. And honestly, I still feel good about helping members reactivate--it's just as important as baptism, if not more important. And, of course, we contact in the street, but at times you really have to make yourself because often it's super unfruitful in the port, especially in these areas. But that shouldn't matter :) President Córdova told me once that there are two things that are the most important in our daily work: talking with everybody and finding the Lord's chosen/prepared people. Even if we're not succeeding with the second, it doesn't matter if we're doing the first. And, if we're doing the first, we're more likely to succeed with the second. In fact, what you told me in that email, the one where you mentioned about when Elder Morrill came back to your house, stuck in my mind. I've been trying to pay even more attention to the small things, even just the impression I give off.

Roomies--yeah, they're good guys. We all get along really well, but it's a shame because Elder Espinoza finishes his mission this transfer. But the rest of us'll probably be together for another five months. As for music, they've started asking me to play occasionally on Sundays, which is always nice. And there's a keyboard in the offices, so on P-day or down-time when I have to be in the offices I can practice a little. It's great!

Love you lots, hope everything's going well. Tell everybody I love them!

Élder Rob Weatherford

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