Friday, November 27, 2015

2015-11-14 Re: How's Life?

I don't have much to say, I don't know if I'll make a group email this week, but here are a couple of pictures for you that I got from Elder Lind's camera (he came down this week for his visa) from our time in Tuxtepec. He had his camera that day and I didn't. We found these suckers when we were helping a less-active member move some stuff and chop some other stuff behind his house. There were three in total. The one on the right was around the size of my hand :)

This one was the smallest, but he was funny, because he would literally jump around.

Here's Alejandro, one of our converts from Tuxtepec, and some neighborhood puppies their neighbors were giving away. They kept the one of the far right, if I remember correctly.

Love you all, lots!

Élder Rob Weatherford


  1. Elder Weatherford trained in the same district as one of my areas. I was in Nogales while he was in Mendoza. Even though I've been home for 4 months now I love catching up to see what's going on in the area and what all of my old mission companions are up to. Thanks for posting his letters!

  2. My goodness! I guess I haven't been looking back at blogs to see the comments! So glad to know you were able to see this blog and his letters! He's an awesome kid (if I do say so myself!)