Saturday, October 10, 2015

2015-10-10 Weathy and Gamby (and Smithy... for two more days)

(Kathy says:  This week, I had asked a few questions, so he is answering.  The first paragraph is expressing excitement that his father's arrangement of "O Come All Ye Faithful" for symphony and chorus will be performed by Seattle Ensign Symphony and Chorus at Benaroya Hall in December!)

Hello! Going to save a little time here, and answer some questions in my public email.

Mom:  So, you’ll have to tell us all about your new position!  I know you will miss working with people to help them more directly—but know that you are serving in a way that keeps the mission going forward!  If you are missing being “in the trenches” a lot, talk to the mission president about that.  I’m sure he’ll understand!

Glad you’re enjoying the air conditioning!

People were asking me…are Elders Gamboa and Smith your companions? How does that work?  Are they the AP and some other assignment? 

I imagine you may have less time for photos, but try to send some anyway.

Do you still cook for yourselves?  Do you have meals with the Pres?  Are you living in the mission home? Do you have easier access to a computer for Skype purposes?

Rob:  Thanks for writing! Yeah, Dad told me. I'm so happy! Wish I could be there to hear it... 

Elder Smith was the old secretary to the president--I got here two weeks before the end of the change, and he's been training me. We've been wandering around as a trio, and this Monday he'll leave to a different area and leave me all by my lonesome self. With my companion, Elder Gamboa. Elder Gamboa (from Zacatecas, MX) is the financial secretary, and the two secretaries are always companions. There are actually two more secretaries, one for records and one for materials, and they're a married couple, so they're also companions. There are two assistants to the president, Elder Espinoza (from Sinaloa, MX) and Elder Ribeiro (from Brazil), that are also companions. We're not companions with them, but we do see them a lot, because we live with them and usually eat with them, when they're not traveling (doing splits with the various zone leaders).

As for cooking for ourselves, nothing has changed. We eat lunch with members, and we're left to fend for ourselves for breakfast and, if we want it, dinner (but they don't give us time for dinner--if we're hungry, we fix ourselves something at 9:30, after we're done planning for the next day. It's always been like that, all over the mission). We occasionally get to eat with President Córdova, but only on special occasions. We went out for goat tacos yesterday with the assistants, President Córdova, and his wife to celebrate/mourn Elder Smith's leaving. We don't live in the offices, or the president's house, but our apartment is pretty decent. And yes, I think this Christmas should work out better than Mother's Day, hehe :)

The best part about this assignment is probably being close to President Córdova. He's open to chat (although he wants me to teach him English, but he has little to no time to practice), and he's a fount of wisdom. He's a great teacher, and I'm excited to work closely with him. 

Pictures should actually be a lot easier to do (we still have a full P-day, it's just a different day of the week). Here's one. Here's me and Elder Gamboa. In the background, you have... my desk! 

This second one was from my second day here. It was Elder Ribeiro's birthday. He's holding the cake. Then there's Elder Gamboa, Elder Smith, Sister Amaya (she had a sprained ankle, so she had to come in) the Willinghams (the other secretaries), and Elder Espinoza. 

Love you all!

Élder Rob Weatherford

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