Monday, September 5, 2016

2016-09-05 O'er crag and torrent till the night is gone...

Stake conference yesterday, and a recent convert (Pedro) got the Melchizedek priesthood afterwards. He and his family got confirmed the day before I got here, so even though I wasn't here for the first part of their teaching, I feel like we've gotten pretty close in these few weeks, because we still pass by often to keep on teaching them (to help them continue progressing, to reteach the five lessons, to help them continue keeping the commandments and coping with the change of being members, and helping them put and complete goals like going to the temple), so it was pretty exciting that that happened. Bryan went (alone, unfortunately) to the conference as well, and passed his baptismal interview, so if everything goes well he should get baptized this week... prayers, and faith! And, a new family we found this week went to the conference as well. Aracely, Jenny (16), and Roberta (6). Irving (13) wasn't able to go, and his dad, whom we still haven't met, didn't go either (although from from Aracely says, he wasn't that interested anyway... let's hope we get an opportunity to teach him a little). Roberta was sitting next to me, and she got kind of bored within the first fifteen minutes... of a two-hour conference. So, we made origami and played tic-tac-toe and connect-the-dots, etc. for about an hour and a half. I actually had a good time, Aracely and Jenny were able to concentrate on the conference, and I think Roberta didn't have an awful time either... I hope... Aracely sent us a message afterwards, thanking us and saying that they really liked the conference, so I hope everything went well. They're a really good family, although Aracely and her husband (also named Robert, hehe) need to get married... and he's apparently an inactive JW, and hasn't shown the greatest interest (or liking) toward the "Mormons." We hope we can teach him too and help him to be a help (and not a hindrance) to his family's spiritual progress. Román and Norma weren't able to go because of Román's work, but we saw them afterward and they're trying really hard to progress; Román's going to try to look for a new job that helps him to keep the Sabbath day holy and keep the Word of Wisdom, although it's going to be difficult... but there's a really good self-reliance center here--if I were to trust one self-reliance center in the mission, it'd be this stake's. It's sometimes (often) really nice to be here in this ward! 

Elías and Lupe haven't been around... and neither has Lucía. We haven't seen them in a while. The Cano family (or, more accurately, their parents) also haven't been trying really hard... they're been making a lot of excuses instead. We'll have to see if it's worth keeping on working with them, or if we move on. 

I'm healthy, content, sunburned, often sweaty, but feeling good. Read your scriptures, and don't forget to pray!


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