Monday, September 5, 2016

2016-08-29 Hmmmmmm...

Another hot week in Veracruz...

Let's see... New promising investigators:

Román and Norma. Román stopped his truck in the street to talk to us last week--he's a former investigator from a different area and has been to church before, he really liked how he felt when he went and we wanted us to go teach his wife (although they're not married yet), who's passing through some difficult times. We went by to teach them on Saturday, and yesterday they went to church by themselves. Román's work often takes him away for days at a time, and he smokes, and like I said, they need to get married (Norma actually needs to get divorced first), so it might take a little bit of time. But they had a really good experience on Sunday, and they seem like they're going to progress well.

We also had contacted a less-active family that recently moved here. We went by to teach them on Saturday, and it turns out that they have two kids who haven't been baptized that could be. The dad works on Sundays, but we're going to work on reactivating the family, and then their kids can get baptized. They didn't go to church yesterday, but we'll see how they're doing this week--they're a really good family, and really cute kids. Israel and Sonia are the parents, and their kids Yarith (10), Valentín (8), and Camila (6). 

Brayan went to church, and is progressing well, but his mom couldn't go. Carmen also didn't go, and she wasn't home yesterday when we visited her, so we hope everything's all right with her... Also, we've officially dropped Vianey, unfortunately. 

Yesterday, a member introduced us to his friend, Elías, and Elías's fiancée Lupe. Elías does groundskeeping for the temple and for the majority of the chapels in the port, so he knows a lot of members, but he's never attended a Sunday service before, and Lupe has no experience with the church. Kyp, the member, and his wife Saira invited them to a FHE the week before and they really liked the experience, and accepted a visit from us with Kyp yesterday. We actually just had a really short lesson and invited them to accompany us to a self-reliance devotional (the self-reliance courses kick-off) in the chapel that was about to start. Elías at least really liked it, and I think Lupe did, too, and that also let them see the church from the inside. We have another appointment with them later in the week... we'll see how it goes! They also need to get married, but they've already talked about it and do want to--it's just a matter of planning it and saving up the money. 

Lucía: a former investigator from sisters in another area, that visited her where she works, but she never went to church there because it's really far away and she's here during the weekends. Single, mom, two kids, Kenia (10) and Bernardo (8). She really liked the lessons the sisters gave, but she's never gone to church, and so that's going to be the biggest difficulty right now--she works a lot, and Sunday is her day of rest, as it should be, but it ends up being her "sleep-in day," which makes making an 8:00am service a little difficult. But she says that now she understands why, and that she really wants to go--we just have to help her do it so she can receive the blessings and continue progressing in the gospel.

OK, I think that's all for right now as far as the work goes... We're trying to talk with everybody we can (while at the same time finding the people that God's preparing for us and also not spending so much time in the street that we miss or arrive late to appointments). We made eighty-one street or door contacts this last week, and we hope to make more this week. The "normal number" changes depending on the mission, but for this mission that's respectable. No fear, just open your mouth... and hope something intelligible comes out :)

Love you all! Don't forget to read your scriptures, and invite people to Church activities!   

Élder Rob Weatherford

P.D. Photos...
¿Cansado de caminar? ...Sí. (Rob's Mom:  Translation:  Tired of Walking?  Yes.)

Dragonfly (libélula) on the tackboard in the church.

I think they made a mistake with our weekly reporting page... those aren't our names...

Neither are those...

Photo from Tres Valles, me and the branch president (Presidente Morfín) and his family.

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