Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015-9-7 Walterdorf y Link

Note from Kathy:  a little organ humor between father and son...Things that make church organists laugh: Rob: So, Dad, how are you liking being the church organist again? Stephen: I like it fine, but it's frustrating how much people talk during the prelude. Rob: Just slip in more reeds (reed sounds). When your teeth are vibrating, it's hard to talk. Kathy: Watch out, Finn Hill Ward!  And now we return to your regularly-scheduled letter from Rob...

New change, and we're still together!

Stuff that's happened since the last time...

The whole mission went to Veracruz to listen to Elder Cristofferson (!).

New investigators coming out of the woodwork. Some good ones, too, although we're struggling with the ones we had.

Went to an area called Jalapa de Díaz to visit a cool waterfall with an old friend from Orizaba, Elder Suárez, and my comp and Elder Suárez's "son" (the missionary he trained), Elder Reyes. Elder Suárez actually just finished his mission. Man, I'm old. Actually, I turn one year old on Saturday!

My comp found a picture of Parley P. Pratt from way back when and told me I looked like him. We put it to the test.

P.S. The title of these last few emails have all been names we've actually been called by people. Enrique likes to called Elder Lind "Link," and "Walterdorf" was an eight-year-old named Michelle. 

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