Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015-4-13 From Rob and his Mom Missionary Adventures, Chapter 1

The last few weeks, he's been posting silly things rather than posts.  Don't know why...maybe he's just in a mood.  In any case, I have only a small part of my letter I will share on the blog, just because. 

Rob says, "If she sent it by snail mail, I wouldn't be too sure, haha... In fact, I just got a letter from... myself! That I sent to you all, about four to five months ago. It just got "returned to sender" about a week ago. But I have gotten a few cards from people. I was going to try to write letters to respond, but after receiving my own letter, I think it's better to do it through you :) I'll organize all the letters I've gotten, and write better responses next week."

So, here's what he's been doing.  Apparently, his companion Elder Gonzalez, has been working with him on this.  Here's what he says:

"Missionary Adventures: Chapter 1
By Élder Gonzalez

Special thanks goes to my Aunt Karen (Tante Bear) who gifted me the mini missionaries, and my mother, who sent me the Plan of Salvation teaching aid felt set.

Elder, are you sure it's this way?
Sure, elder, I've done this loads of times!

Oh, ok. (Disappointed)

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