Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2016-03-19 Pictures!!

Elder Hackleman and I went to a place called Cempoala, a small town near an area called Cardel, about an hour or so out from the main part of Veracruz. There are some old pyramids there (it's pretty funny,  you just walk through some dusty streets with houses and then you turn a corner and there are the pyramids, with just a small fence blocking them off from the "residential area." 

Of course, we had some fun with sacrificial and stoning photos, and some selfies. And selfies of selfies. In one of the photos, you can see a model of the pyramids, of the ancient site, in a glass case.

And, of course, we just had to stop by the famous crocodile farm on the way back... We didn't take the expensive in-depth tour, we didn't have a whole lot of time (and, let's be real, we didn't have a whole lot of money, either), so we just saw some of the hatching and raising areas. But it was pretty fun! Nobody got bitten, that's the important thing... But I did buy a gift for Dad in the store, there. He can start guessing what it is... hehe...

Oh, in case there was any doubt, the crocodile farm was exactly what it sounds like... they raise crocodiles there to sell. They use the skin, the meat, pretty much everything, and they do their best to be humane about it, from what I saw. Plus, they're crocodiles, so of course it's cool. The biggest one we saw was about three and a half meters long. His name's Chavo.

Windy, sandy Veracruz.

The Willinghams took us out to eat today to celebrate my leaving (wait, that sounded bad... But jokes aside, thanks, Willinghams!) Elder Rocha and I didn't look too thrilled in the photo because it was candid, but it was honestly a really cool place and I loved it. I just didn't have any other picture...
It was a Brazilian grill, and they just had a salad bar and then the waiters would come around with the "swords" of meat, it was like a mobile buffet, you would choose what you wanted and they would cut it off right there for you. 

Elder Andrus knew the photo was being taken, so he looks happier :)

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