Friday, December 4, 2015

2015-11-21 Rain, rain, come back...

Shots of when we went running in the rain a few days ago... Really fun, and really wet! Our house is pretty near the beach, so most mornings we go out running alongside (not on, not along, alongside, hehe) the beach and stop at some exercise machines to work out. It's pretty nice, here, actually--along every such distance they put exercise apparatus (apparatuses? Really doubt it's "apparati"...) for anybody that wants to use them, like mini-parks they outfit for public health. Set-ups for sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc. We have an amazing view of the lighthouse on Sacrifice Island (if you were to guess why it was named that, you'd probably be right), and of course the sunrise as well. No complaints about the scenery!

This week we actually found a family to teach... they're former investigators, and the couple isn't married yet (what else is new in Veracruz?), but they seem super receptive. It appears they were dropped before because they had a hard time keeping their commitments, but it seems like the Lord's been working in the missionaries' absence, so I'm really hoping they'll be ready for us this time! The couple's names are César and Lupita, and they have four young children, ages 10, 6, 4, and 2. They're a handful to teach together, but they're super cute and the oldest, Gabi, is extremely bright (all of them, really, of course, but it's a bit more obvious in the ten-year-old, being older, than in the two-year-old :)). I don't want to get my hopes up, because there have been disappointments in the past, but I always have to remind myself that even if it hurts, if I don't get emotionally involved I won't be able to help them as well. And really, you (or, at least, I) can never help it. We just found them this week so we're in the early stages of teaching, but if you could pray for César and Lupita, I'd really appreciate it. 

Transfers are happening this coming week, so we'll be sending off two separate groups of missionaries and receiving a new batch fresh from the MTC. My comp has a few things he has to do but I'm the one who gets the brunt of the work when transfers come by, so it's been and will be a pretty full week. Not to mention the Christmas zone conferences that will be rolling around pretty soon... But with firm investigators we're looking forward to more effective teaching this week as well!

Oh, yeah, and it'll be Thanksgiving next week... To be honest, the holidays really pass me by here, at least the American ones. I don't think I even remembered about Thanksgiving last year until it was done. But this time we have four gringos in the offices (and a Mexican and a Brazilian), so maybe we'll actually do something to celebrate! Update on that next week...

Stay strong, stay safe, stay true, stay... right there, right like that until I get back. Stop changing so much. 

Con amor,

Élder Rob Weatherford

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