Monday, July 13, 2015

2015-07-13 "Does the Pope know about this?" (Not you, Jeff. The other one.)

Another week in Tuxtepec, Oaxashington. And the transfer's almost over! That one really flew by... 

Enrique's still progressing, but right now he's the only one. Well, and Georgina, really she's totally ready but like I said, marriages are really hard here. Got to keep looking for people to teach! If you want to add in the Serena Alejandro family to your prayers ( a family we found last week), that they'll feel the desire to go to church and get baptized, that couldn't hurt. They're a "golden" family, situationally at least, and they're really nice, but we need to see if they can find a desire to progress. If not, we're going to have to drop them and keep looking, and that would break my heart. But, that's what happens sometimes when people use their agency. I also know that I can't even imagine how God feels when that happens, if I feel like that after just meeting them and teaching a couple of lessons. I "stand all amazed," at times, not just at the love that God has for me, but also for the trust He puts in His missionaries. How many times do we as missionaries, or we as members of His church, disappoint Him with what we do, or what we don't do? I really want to be worthy of that kind of trust, both as a missionary and in whatever other kind of... "mayordomía" (can't remember how that one translates...) that He gives me, not just in the Church but in life as well. In missionary work, the salvation of souls is at stake. And actually, in life as well. Every member a missionary.

So yeah. This week's been mostly looking for people to teach, and fighting to retain those we have. Quote of the week: We found a family when we were out contacting, and at first the dad, an older gentleman, told us firmly that he was Catholic and there was no point in talking with him. We chatted briefly about the message, though, and he let us in to talk with him, his wife, and his daughter-in-law. We talked about the Restoration and shared the First Vision, and then asked them what they were feeling. The daughter-in-law said, "I don't know, I feel kind of a peaceful, calm feeling, really strongly. Is that what you were talking about?" "Yeah, it is." And then the señor, completely seriously: "Does the Pope know about this? I mean, about Joseph Smith and everything?" I was almost literally speechless. I think I managed to choke out something about how it was probable that somebody had shared it with him, but that I wasn't sure. The truth is, I don't know what I said. I was trying super hard not to laugh.

Ah, sorry, I don't have anything else to say. Here are some pictures of wacky fruit. The first one's called maracuyá, and even though it looks really disgusting, it tastes really good. I made a fruit smoothie.
The second one's called "baina" (I think that's spelled right), and it looks like a snap pea the size of my forearm. Inside, there are seeds with a cotton-like covering that you eat. It tastes super sweet, but it really is the consistency of wet cotton.

We also eat a lot of mango. 

That's all, folks!

Élder Rob Weatherford

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  1. His dad says it looks like a giant centipede!