Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015-1-19 ¿Quiúbole? (Wassup?--kinda)

Again, this week's been pretty difficult. Not a whole lot of success. And I don't know why, but we've been meeting a lot of Christian families, too, more in the last couple of weeks than in months. And teaching Christians here is extremely different from teaching Catholics, which is also extremely different from teaching atheists. 

Sorry, I really don't have a whole lot to say about this week. There've been a lot of disappointments, with few highlights. Something that stands out would be Idris' confirmation yesterday! He's doing great, and I'm still amazed at his progression in so little time.  

Elder Anaya and I met a really interesting character this week. Yesterday, in fact. We were walking to the member's house where we were going to eat when this man with sunglasses and driving a minivan passes us by. He was staring at us pretty intently, so I smiled and nodded at him. He nodded back, and kept going. But not for long, we realized, because he backed up his minivan half a block to stop and talk to us. He started out by saying that he was atheist, but he wanted to know how he could put his life in order. Over the course of five minutes talking with him, we learned a few interesting things:
-He's a former Zeta (vicious gang that used to be huge here... I've actually been hearing they're making a comeback)
 -He used to run/sell drugs
 -He's killed (he told us quite matter-of-factly)
His name's Abraham. He was quite nice, actually. It's my first time meeting a "narco." I'm not really sure how I feel. I think we're going to visit him this week. 

Haha don't worry, Mom. He wants to make changes in his life. It'll be difficult, considering his past, but it's possible if he has a real desire to repent. 

In a couple of weeks Elder Benjamín De Hoyos, of the First Quorum of the Seventy and "presidente del área México," is going to come and preside over a special zone conference. It's actually a pretty big deal, and has to do with the new Area Plan for Mexico. There are a lot of changes going on, and it's a pretty exciting time for Mexico. However, as missionaries we need to be dependable and on top of those changes.

Photo #1: Picture from last week, at the tree.

Con mucho amor,
Élder Rob Weatherford

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